Why Travel With Us?

"Working all year round and waiting for the time when you can start spending a few relaxing days with your family, friends or even with yourself in a exotic country can make you both excited and a little bit worried about your journey. This is the right time when we will stand by you, give you useful pieces of advice, and maybe become your best friend on your holiday in Vietnam. With consideration and motivation from the heart, we believe that your trip will be unforgettable and wonderful".​

Visited some of the more significant sites in Hanoi and the commentary by our tour guide was exceptional. He explained the history of the site, merged it in with the history of Vietnam and covered so many intricacies in great detail. Could have spend another few hours more. Very educational, very informative and well worth the money.... highly recommended.
Adam Sendler
Our tour guide, Trang, gave us a wonderful insight to Viet life and history. The waterways were great but watch out for the photographers and vendors on the river that will try to extort money from you with high pressure sales techniques. Worthhwhile experience overall.
Mila Kunis
Excellent tour led by Jenny. She was professional, on time, and very knowledgeable. Enjoyed the different sites (and she kept a good pace, knowing that it was very hot and humid today). Went to a great local restaurant (Grandma’s) with delicious food, and the cyclo tour was not as scary as I anticipated! Just hold your breath each time you cross the street!
Mike Stuart